Gloss coat and rain shower.


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Good morning.

Quick question.  I am planning on installing gloss coat today and apparently there has been a shift in the forecast with a 20% chance of a rain shower tonight. 

Should I go ahead and install anyway and apply Opti-Seal after an hour of cure time or is it necessary to reschedule this.  Time is of the issue and I have been postponing this for awhile now. 

Should I expect water spots after the rain if it rains?

Thank you!

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sorry, holiday weekend, so a late reply.  You may already know this but an hour after Gloss-Coat application your car can get wet.  In general, water spots are from hard water (hose, tap, sprinklers).  Rain is not hard water but can mix with minerals on a dirty car to form spots.  If possible, it's always wise to dry your car before spots can bake on.  If water spots are a problem, let this forum know and we may have solutions.

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