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Glad to finally be on board. I took the plunge and had my 2017 Black Charger Hellcat done in Opti Coat Pro+ and Opti Coat Pro on the wheels. I'll be waiting the 7 days before the first wash, but that's approaching so I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I was given the Optimum Maintenance Wash and a Bottle of Opti-Seal. Am I supposed to wash the car with the maint wash and then use the Opti-Seal right after? Everything I see shows using the OptiSeal as a "wet drying agent" to be applied when the car is wet, and then dry it with a microfiber cloth. I actually blow dry my vehicle with a handheld Makita unit, so I'm just trying to figure out my strategy.  For this first wash should I just ditch the blower and use microfiber towels with Opti-Seal instead?  Threw in a pic from about 10 minutes after I grabbed her from the Detailer. I'm in love. 


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Welcome to the OPT Forum, Typhoon.  To use Opti-Seal effectively as a drying aid, a microfiber is necessary to spread the product.  You can use your "blow dry" method and apply Opti-Seal as a stand alone product as an option.  Magnificent car!

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