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I am new to detailing and to OPT, glad I found this forum so I can ask my questions. I recently re-stored my detailing shelf with OPT products: Ferrex, car wax, opti-seal, ultra-cay towel, ONR and big red sponge, tire-bond and spray-gun, power clean, carpet and fabric cleaner, leather protectant and the brushes kit from TRC. 

In the past, I washed my cars with soap only, no wax or sealant, but payed a full detail job every spring. In 2017, my go to place stopped offering details and my SHO got clouded by HCl (yes hydrochloric acid!)  from an incident where I work.  So I decided to tackle the job myself. A Facebook add later and I was the proud owner of TopCoat F11... Not owning any special tools except 3 microfiber towels, a microfiber sponge and a synthetic chamois, I clean the car and apply F11. The car was looking great!




But the coating and gloss last a week. 

So I did a little research and couple youtube videos later, I bought a decontamination kit from SilverWax and Hydrosilex... So I practice on the Fiesta: pre-rince, bugs remover spray, foam bath, cleaned the wheels and tires,washed with 2 bucket, clay the car, dissolved iron oxide,  prepped with hydrosilex rewind and finally apply hydrosilex recharge.  The ST was looking great!



Then again, after a month, the lower side panels where holding dirt, but the rest of the car still look good. So before I work on Taurus again, I bought CarPro Iron-X and Tar-X and changed things up a little. This time the Taurus was pre-rinced, foam bathed, 2 buckets washed, Tar-X sprayed, rince, Iron-X sprayed, rince, clayed, prepped with rewind and protected with Recharge. After multiple hours, the deception was hard: paint looks horrible, the chrome trims are stained and the protection on the side lower panels is again weak.






So first question:

Clear coat oxidation? I probably waited to long after the HCl incident to correctly treat the car. I need a polisher right? Compounding and polishing will restore the surfaces?

Next question:

Why is the coating not holding to the lower parts of doors and side panels?

Now questions about OPT products:

1. I bought the Big Red sponge from and it came in a clear plastic bag without tag or instruction. How do I know I have the real McCoy? 


2.  From a youtube video, I do need to prime the BRS in a 256:1 ORN dilution for 24 hours before using it, right?

3. Also from youtube, my fellow Quebecer Yvan Lacroix mentionned you need to use the ultra-clay mitt on windows for the first use. There's no indication about that on the packaging. Could you elebarote on that please? Also, are both sides of the ultra-clay towel the same?

4. Finally, the spray-gun, like the BRS, came in a clear plastic bag. Where can I find the instruction for proper use of it?

Sorry for the super long first post. Thanks for reading and answering me!

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Welcome to the OPT Forum, BigPelo - I'll let others weigh in your oxidation and side panel questions and I'll tackle the Optimum products.  That sure looks like a Big Red Sponge, pretty unique design.  You can prime the BRS by soaking in ONR solution, 24 hours is not necessary.  To break in the Clay Mitt, it's suggested you practice on glass using whatever lube you prefer (we recommend Spray Wax, but ONR at 2 oz to 1 gallon of water works as well) - just run the mitt over glass as you would to clay any surface.  The mitt has clay only on 1 side. 

The Optimum Spray Gun connects to your air compressor to deliver thin, even coats of tire and exterior trim dressing. This application technique uses a fraction of the product compared to traditional hand application. Optimum Spray Gun has an adjustable stainless steel nozzle to apply tire gel accurately to the tires and wheel wells. The Optimum Spray Gun is equipped with an aluminum suction plunger and a threaded collar which allows for direct attachment to 32 oz product bottles.


             Aluminum body

  • Working pressure: 3-4 bar. (max 10 bar), 40-60 psi (max 140 psi)
  • Approximate air consumption: 200-300 L per min
  • Net weight: 14 oz
  • Noise level <80 dba
  • Adjustable nozzle allows for the application of various coats and patterns
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My first ONR+BRS wash with opti-seal as a drying aid, done at 36F outside temp. Love the result!




My second ONR+BRS wash with opti-seal of the day, no need for car wax if you ask me. But I wish temperature would have been higher so I could have tried power clean and ferrex on the wheels and tire. And tire would for sure benefit from opti-bond:




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