Will Optigloss allow paint to off-gas?


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I recently had my rims painted (about 3 weeks ago) and although was told they needed 90 days to fully cure and not to clean with acid cleaners I decided to water wipe off grime and then IPA clean them and apply opti gloss coat because I wanted them to be easier to clean.  Now I am worried my paint wont fully harden... Will the optigloss stop my paint from offing gas and fully hardening and is there a way I can remove optigloss coat without the traditional polishing method?  Im scared to polish my new rims because ive only polished the car paint before.


My second question is how do I know that optigloss is on the vehicle and is working as intended?  I know it sounds dumb but I coated my vehicle completely in optigloss after paint prep and decon and then once a week I wash with ONR + opti seal which now i will be switching to OCNR + hyper seal (why did no one tell me they had stuff specifically for coatings!).  So the water beads really well and the car looks good after a good wash but how do i know if i applied enough gloss coat and that its not just the opti seal working (I applied opti sael 1 hour after i gloss coated to protect during curing).   


If I want to redo or add another layer of gloss coat do i have to do the full decon and polish off the old coat before applying a new one?


Thanks first time here but I love reading all the informative post and I really love optimums line of products!

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum.  We always recommend following the painters instructions on curing time.  I have  no idea if early Coating effected the paint cure.  Polishing is the only way to remove Gloss-Coat and it can be done by hand, risk free,  with Hyper Polish.  You can test for the presence of Gloss-Coat by cleaning the rims and removing all wax/sealant (Paint Prep will do that), then spray water to see if it beads.  You can add a second coat of Gloss-Coat without polishing, just do a complete wash/Paint Prep. 

I suspect you're overthinking this, the odds are your paint is fine and a second coat of Gloss-Coat will remove the doubt.

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Ok great thanks.  I think I was being misinformed.  I was being told that optigloss cannot bond with itself and therefore to add another coat a month or a year later you had to completely polish off the other previous optigloss coat...  So if in a month or so I want to add another coat (for more gloss) to the coat i did on my car 2 months ago I can just wash and paint prep and then do another coat?

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