OPTI leather guard application questions.


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First time for me to use the Opticoat products. The detailer who originally applied the coating to the exterior and the interior got sick and tired of trying to find good help and closed up. I am starting on the interior of my BMW and would appreciate any pointers from folks who have done it. 



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Welcome to the OPT Forum, Jovach.  Opti-Guard Leather - clean the surface thoroughly (we recommend Power Clean at 1:5 or 1:3, depending on condition), wipe off with a damp microfiber which not only removes residue PC, but also serves to fill the pores in the leather, then apply Opti- Guard Leather with the sponge applicator.  Cover completely and you can add a second coat 10 minutes after the first.  Wait at least 10 minutes before touching.  After application, clean the sponge with Power Clean or dish detergent/hot water and it's reusable.  Expunge any air that got into your syringe and recap tightly for future use.

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