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I’m going to coat my car using Gloss-Coat. I searched online but I want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

1. Wash with No Rinse and Shine

2. Prep with Hyper Polish  (and a buffing pad)

3. Coat the car with Gloss-Coat using a Blue Foam Applicator

4. Help cure with Opti-Seal using a Blue Foam Applicator

My car is new, white pearl, and doesn’t have any swirl or anything that my untrained eyes doesn’t like. There are however some tiny rust dots on a panel. Will Hyper Polish take care of that?


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No Hyper polish wont remove that. For Iron contaminants (those rust spots) use Ferrex. I would also advise you to clay the car after Ferrex and before polishing.  Also use Paint prep after polishing to remove all polishing residue off paint before you coat it.

So your procedure should be:

1. Wash with No Rinse Wash and Shine

2. Use Ferrex, let it dwell for 2-5 min and rinse well with water

3. Clay paint and use ONR as clay lube

4. Polish the car, panel by panel and use Paint prep to remove polish residue

5. Coat with Gloss-coat

6. Use Opti-seal after at least 1h.

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