Two Questions: Dust and Hard Water on a Black Car


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New to Opticoat here.  My new black car has been PPF'd with Expel Ultimate Plus and coated with Opticoat Pro and Opticoat pro+.

Q1:  I live in Arizona, where we have fine dust that is attracted to the car overnight.  Can I just wipe off the car with a micro fiber towel instead of washing it all the time?  If not, what's the easiest solution to remove the dust, as opposed to washing the car.

Q2:  We also have hard water here in Arizona.  I've been reading on the forum that coating does not warrant against hard water stains.  What is the best way to wash if I'm using tap water as my water source?  I've been hoping I can pre-rinse with hose, use ONR and then just simply dry.  Is there something I missing that will cause the hard water stains?


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Welcome to the Optimum Forum.  Even with the strong paint protection you have, I'm uncomfortable recommending "dry" cleaning your car (and don't even think about a California Duster) - you might try a leaf blower as a touchless solution.  Another option is to use an instant detailer (or ONR mixed to quick detailer formula) to at least dampen the microfiber towel, and prevent micro marring.

No warranty covers water spots because they are user error, but ONR softens hard water.  If you pre-rinse, don't let the water dry before you use ONR.  If you do get water spots, MDR (Mineral Deposit Remover) is a good way to remove them.

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