Yvan Lcroix Optimum Hyperseal and shipping to NZ please?

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Hi there. 

Hi there I'm new to this forum.

I have been trying all over the world's to get some opti seal or hyperseal anything of the optimum products but can't find anyone that will ship to New Zealand. 

Levi from the Rag Company gave me a few places in Australia but they don't ship to NZ. . 

It happens time and time again with us in NZ.

Australian company's get the license for Australasia meaning Australia and New Zealand but won't ship to NZ. 

I rang the opti- company and spoke to a woman and  was told there is no one in NZ that has Opti products and there is

no  plans to have a distributer in NZ as they have one in Australia. 

The other thing is its normally much cheaper buying from USA to NZ as shipping is cheaper than Australia shipping even though they're only 3 hours from NZ. 

People are always saying to go to an Australian company that sells it but it's futile. 

I think I've tried them all. 

Optimum Care Care Levi suggested but they don't do opti products. 

I've been all over the net trying. 

Joining and registering only to find no shipping to NZ. 

Is there any way I can get some opti seal or hyperseal here. 

This question I hope to Yvan Lacroix. 

Also does hyperseal have any Si02 in it? 

Thank you.

Watch all the videos all the time. 

Best regards Danny. 



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Danny, sorry you're having this problem, but Optimum only sells through distributors internationally.  I'm surprised Joel Blake from Optimum Car Care of Australia doesn't ship to New Zealand, but that's his call.

Hyper Seal is a hybrid sealant that is part SiO2.


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Hi Ron. 

Thank you and thank Yvan for me to please. 

I will ring Joel Blake from Optimum Car Care.

I have only been on his site and it only allows an Australian address  so may be better for me to talk to him in person. 

Not too keen on my chances though as since I came across detailing I have talked to people all over the world about products

and shipping to NZ and have had no luck with some products. 

Also trying to get some Tac Systems Moonlight and he has that too so I've got my fingers crossed. 

Regards D



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