GlossCoat on faucet, household fixtures?

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Is it advisable or possible to use GlossCoat on a new faucet or other house fixture (shower head, towel bar)? Some faucets say "spot or stain resistant" but one I have (bathroom) does not stay clean very well, and we do have a water softener. Before we put a new faucet in our kitchen, I was thinking to coat it for even easier cleaning and water repelling. I'm assuming most faucets these days are not raw stainless but have a painted coating.



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I've never used a Coating on household fixtures/appliances but have used Opti-Seal on shower doors/walls,  hot tub, stainless steel appliances, TV screens, etc with no issues.  Gloss Coat won't hurt anything but seems like overkill with no guarantee on longevity.  Optimum does not test products on non automotive surfaces (though others have).

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