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Tom Spencer

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My name is Tom Spencer and life long detailer running,  Making it Look Better Auto Detailing Services, part time. Worked in the auto body field my 20s, many paint schools, PDR training, frame schools and detailing schools. Left the auto body field and still did detailing. Climbed inside a beer bottle for ten plus years and nothing mattered, blew a chance to work for a major car care product company because I talked to them on the phone drunk, continue a couple more years and one morning said enough is enough, sober now over ten years. Ran across Optimum products a few years ago and liked what I used, drifting back and forth on products lines and still go back to Optimum line, 90% of what I use is the Optimum line. Enjoy listening to your podcasts and have talked to a few people from Optimum even DrG called me one Saturday to talk about an issue I was having, at first he upset me and then looked at it from his view and realized I was wrong and apologized, he thanked me and sent me some spray wax. Haven’t done to much detailing the last couple of years because a couple people have opened shops and under cut everyone lowering the prices, I refuse to do a complete detail for that. Keep up the good work everyone, remember raise your prices and don’t under cut one another. 

Wisdom and Pride for your ride

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