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Hello everyone,

Im new to OPT products but am slowly replacing all my products with OPT. Currently using powerclean, ONR (both versions) and opti seal.

I have recently picked up 10cc of opti gloss coat and am looking to apply it but my car will not fit in my garage (due to it being primarily a workshop). I am begging friends etc to use their garage for a couple of hours but haven't been successful.

If all else fails can I apply the coating outside on a fully prepped car assuming If I can be certain of good weather during the process and until the hour is up where I can protect with opti-seal?

I'd like to get the coating added before the winter.


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welcome to the Optimum party!  There are many mobile installers who apply ceramic coatings out of doors.  Try to avoid windy days (debris) and keep your car dry for a minimum of 1 hour.  Gloss-Coat surface cures quickly.  Apply Opti-Seal 1 hour after Gloss-Coat for extra protection.

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