Layering of multiple products - opti, wax, etc, and how they release off each other


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I've got a very unusual use case I want to ask about. My car, 2001 Trans Am, has a very curvy front bumper (go ahead, google it). I can not put traditional Paint Protection Film on it, so I use a product called Road Warrior Plus. That is a paint/glue like material that dries sort of clear and acts like PPF, but I can wet it down and then peel it off after a couple weeks. It's like elmer's glue. I use it because my car almost is never driven in the rain, and only gets out for ~2000 miles in 3 seasons (is garaged over winter).

When I apply the RWP, I have put it over a good coat of new wax each time. This year I am putting Gloss-Coat on the car. 

I am wondering, if I put a layer of Gloss Coat first, can I put a coat of wax over top of that? Then lastly I will apply the RWP (just before my first drive in the spring, and before autocross events). Now when I "peel off" the RWP after it's all bugged up etc, will the WAX layer easily release from the GC? Or will the wax adhere to the GC and pull off most of the GC with it? Because the RWP *definitely* adheres to the wax and a lot of the wax layer is pulled off. I have to rewax the nose after every RWP removal.

The wax I normally use is Maguires cold class liquid.

Thanks, Chris

RWP videos I made, not to promote it just so you can see how I used it: 



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Hi OrangeFire01,


That Road Warrior Plus product looks very interesting.  I have not personally used it but I am considering trying it on my cars for long summer road trips (save bug splatter cleanup  and minimize rock chips).  

Gloss Coat (and other Optimum ceramic coatings) will generally shed most waxes and sealants at a faster pace.  For example Opti-seal applied to recently installed Optimum coating  is expected to last just over one week (versus 1-3 months on a un-coated car).  I would a expect a similar period for Optimum Car Wax (one week).  Other waxes and sealants are unknown but I would assume a similar schedule of 4-10 times reduced longevity.

In theory, I would not expect the RWP plus to remove the Gloss Coat as it forms a strong bond with the paint (especially the SiC component of Gloss Coat which to my understanding actually migrates into the clear coat whereas the SiO2 component forms a layer on top).  So if there is no fear in removing clear coat when removing RWP then there should be no possibility in removing Gloss Coat.   

However adding an additional layer of wax or sealant  as a sacrificial layer should not only provide assurance for protecting Gloss Coat during RWP removal but it may also help in properly applying RWP with roller.  Gloss Coat is very hydrophobic and may impeded your ability to apply RWP as a an even coat.  I would think applying a wax to hide Gloss Coat's properties temporarily would aid in application of RWP. The only potential negative is Gloss Coat's shedding of the wax may cause RWP to fall away before you want to remove it.

Hope this helps.  If you are interested in permanent PPF, Optimum has released a sprayable PPF through certified installers as it requires proper paint booth for application.  Considering the crazy shape of the front end of your car, it is something to consider.  Because it is so new (and cost of setting up facility), I don't know if there are many certified installers yet.

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