Layering of multiple products - opti, wax, etc, and how they release off each other


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This is the same as I asked in the Coatings subgroup.

I've got a very unusual use case I want to ask about. My car, 2001 Trans Am, has a very curvy front bumper (go ahead, google it). I can not put traditional Paint Protection Film on it (at least not in 1 piece), so I use a product called Road Warrior Plus. That is a paint/glue like material that dries sort of clear and acts like PPF, but I can wet it down and then peel it off after a couple weeks. It's like elmer's glue. I use it because my car almost is never driven in the rain, and only gets out for ~2000 miles in 3 seasons (is garaged over winter).

When I apply the RWP, I have put it over a good coat of new wax each time. This year I am putting Gloss-Coat on the car. 

I am wondering, if I put a layer of Gloss Coat first, can I put a coat of wax over top of that? Then lastly I will apply the RWP (just before my first drive in the spring, and before autocross events). Now when I "peel off" the RWP after it's all bugged up etc, will the WAX layer easily release from the GC? Or will the wax adhere to the GC and pull off most of the GC with it? Because the RWP *definitely* adheres to the wax and a lot of the wax layer is pulled off. I have to rewax the nose after every RWP removal.

The wax I normally use is Maguires cold class liquid.

Thanks, Chris

links to videos I made of RWP in original post:


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