Can Our Forum Provide Detailer Locations?

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Hi Ron and Hi to All!,

I am in New England and had a local detailing shop install a full front XPel PPF and Opti-CoatPlus my new A7 in June. I have been home detailing myself ever since (ONR, 2 bucket system, grit guards, Hyper-Seal etc) and really enjoy the process and love the outcome.

I will be in the Naples Florida area for a portion of the winter and hoping to find a local detailing shop there that uses the Opti-Coat/Optimum product line. Can some fellow forum members chime in with some recommendations or is there any resource that geographically lists these shops?

Ron, if this topic needs to be moved, please feel free...

Best to you all and a very Happy New Year,



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Doc, while I can't provide recommendations (and all Opti-Coat Pro installers are carefully vetted), go to the Dealer tab at, enter the desired address/zip code and you'll get a listing.  Each entry includes web sites/facebook pages so you can do some investigation.

and Happy 2020 to you -

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