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Just learning about these products. Glowing reviews all around. Excited to learn more and start using.

I have a specific problem I'm looking to solve. I'll look around to see where I should post my query unless someone replies here to point me in a direction first. I have redwood seed tannin stains on my 2 month old 2019 rav4. I would like to remove them, reseal/coat the paint then get on a solid maintenance program that I hope will help manage this ongoing environmental situation. Unfortunately I have no options as far as covered parking. I'm hoping getting going on the OPT program will make it easier to mitigate this deep stain/etching problem.




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Welcome to the Optimum Forum.  I don't have experience with your particular problem, but hopefully another poster will.  It's possible one of OPTs decontamination products would work and that would be my first suggestion - first choice is Power Clean.  None of them will damage your paint.  For the future, wax or sealant will provide temporary protection and ceramic coating (either professional or DIY) would be long term. 

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