which polish/pad for redwood tree stains


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Newbie here. I have redwood seed tannin stains on my 2 month old Toyota 2019 rav4. I would like to remove them, reseal/coat the paint then get on a solid maintenance program that I hope will help manage this ongoing environmental situation. Unfortunately I have no options as far as covered parking. I'm hoping getting going on the OPT program will make it easier to mitigate this deep stain/etching problem.

The stains don't wash off. I tested a small area with some meguires ultimate compound. Took a mild bit of effort by hand but eventually I worked some out. I own a Flex DA buffer and am looking for a recommended polish(assuming I don't need to go all the way to a compound) and pad to work these stains out. Ultimately I would like to finish off with the opti coat and continue with ONR+red sponge+opti-seal maintenance.

After some research here is my understanding of a lineup of product application/use for me. Please, any assistance/correction is very welcomed...

  1. ONR+red sponge
  2. (anything here?)
  3. hyper polish
  4. optimum paint prep
  5. gloss-coat
  6. regular maintenance: ONR+opti-seal

Any recommends for pad/towels/applicators would be helpful too.

I have an image of the problem here...

Thanks a bunch!


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I would recommend the orange foam pad and Hyper Polish - if more correction is necessary, Intensive Polish is the next step.  I'm guessing the difficulty in removing may be that the stains have etched into you clear coat.  Gloss-Coat should help going forward.  The other suggestion is to try Hyper Seal in place of Opti-Seal - Hyper is formulated for ceramic coatings and will have greater durability.

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