Hello from Cardiff, Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Daniel Appel

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Hi there. 

Daniel here, from the country with four seasons in one day.

I currently live in an apartment with no outside tap, hence the search for a rinseless product. Did some research and I’m now an ONR convert as I will only use this product, even if an outside tap became available. No more soap...Woohoo. 

So I’ve been using ONR-wash and wax for the past six months and it’s really during that time that I was bitten by the detailing “bug” and I just love everything about it and ONR. The only grumble that I have is the amount of microfibre cloths I had to use when using ONR, HOWEVER, now that I have a more clear understanding of ONR I’ve now bought The...Big...Red...Sponge. I’ve not used it yet but cannot wait to give it a go. At the moment the weather here in Cardiff, Wales is very wet, so I wait in anticipation. 

Anyway, great to be here and part of this forum. 

I do have a question, while I’m here....

With the big red sponge, do I have to pre soak the sponge for 24 hours before using it? And I read that I can leave the big red sponge in ONR solution....is that until the next time I wash my car. I wash my car every two weeks😇

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Welcome to OPT, Daniel!  You do not have to soak the Big Red Sponge 24 hours before use - soaking it 15 minutes is sufficient.  Some soak the BRS in ONR solution between uses (I do) others clean and allow to dry.  There is no specific OPT recommendation.

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