Opti-lens under/over STEK PPF?

E30 Racer

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After restoring polycarbonate headlights, opti-lens seems like a reasonable option to regain some UV protection.  However, it will not protect the lens from impacts the way a PPF can.  Originally, I had planned to first install PPF, then coat with opti-lens.  However, since the film I'm using (https://www.stek-usa.com/dynoshield) is very hydrophobic, I'm concerned opti-lens won't properly bond to it.  Kind of an expensive coating to experiment with..

Has anyone applied opti-lens to the headlight, let it cure, then install PPF over it?

On a related note, can I expect opti-lens to fill mild swirls?

Thanks guys, I can't believe I just found this forum.  It seems pretty awesome.


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We recommend applying Opti-Lens after PPF - PPF protects against scratches and Lens adds chemical resistance.  Opti-Lens is formulated to bond to plastic headlights and will work on PPF.  Opti-Lens goes on very thin and is not a filler, so you might want to correct any swirls first. 

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