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Hey guys, I have a question regarding CCR. On my vehicle, that I will be applying CCR to, sits Finish Kare BWM-101 (formerly FK1000P) which is a rather solventy sealant, and given the info that has been shared regarding CCR performance after using solvent based polishing fluids, should I be stripping the BWM-101 a number of days prior to polishing with OPT polishing fluids, in order for any residual solvents from the BWM-101 to gas out from the paint? I do have another question, does CCR have a shelf life, unopened and stored in a climate controlled temperature?

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we recommend cleaning with Power Clean,  polishing with Hyper Compound, and wiping down with Paint Prep before applying CCR - that will certainly remove any sealant.  This can be done just before applying  CCR.  CCR will have an extended shelf life if unopened and kept refrigerated (freezer is better).

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