OCP+ vs Opti-Glass Pro on glass, OTPC winter tires


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Hi there!

I'm thinking of getting my BMW i3 coated with Opti-Coat Pro Plus and joining the family! I'm up in Montreal, QC, Canada, and I'm hoping to achieve protection and easier maintenance. I do have access to a gas-pressure washer and hoping to do monthly maintenance washes myself.

I was wondering about the performance on glass between OCP+ and Opti-Glass Pro, and what would be ideal for me. The i3 has an all glass back hatch and a large Windshield, big side windows that lower a little everytime you open them,  fixed back side windows, and mine also has a sunroof. What are the pros and cons of using one or the other product on these different surfaces?

I'm cleaning my winter tires/wheels before storing them in a non-climate controlled but insulated garage, is there any benefit in putting Optimum Tire Protection and Coating on them? (the one that's supposed to last a long time but needs a very clean tire, I could have the detailer do it). Or should I just put some 303 or maybe even some Chemical Guys VRP or some other Rubber conditioner on them?

Finally, I'd love to have the convenience of buying product from my detailer, but apart from maybe ONR and Hyper Seal, he doesn't really carry retail products but could order them for me, though he did suggest the Optimum stuff  would be much simpler to get than the Opti-Coat stuff, is there such as thing as a complete Opti-Coat Kit of all the products that he or I could get at a more reasonable price?


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Welcome to the Optimum Forum!  OCP+ works well on all glass besides the front windshield - wiper blades will abraid if off.  Opti-Glass Pro is formulated to handle abrasion.  The only benefit to treating tires before storing would be timing (and they'd look good in your garage).  There is no Opti-Coat Kit and Opti-Coat products are only available from your installer or directly from opticoat.com. 

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Awesome, thanks for the welcome and your response Ron! So Opti-Glass Pro on Front windshield it is! The rear window has a wiper and heater elements, would Opti-Glass Pro be the right coating for it? How's the durability of Opti-Glass Pro on static windows compared to something like Paint Guard? 

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Opti-Glass Pro is formulated not only to deal with abrasion, but to bond to glass (each surface material has it's own bonding issues), so whenever possible it should be used.  Glass Pro and Paint Guard are comparable durability. 

You can order Optimum AND Opti-Coat products from opticoat.com - there's a straight $45 shipping charge for Canada.

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