Gloss Coat on top of Xpel Ultimate


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Hi, I am having the front of my black car PPFed with XPEL ultimate.

Can i put Gloss Coat on top of it? All the searches online have returned results of topics with Opti Coat, but no info regarding  the consumer Gloss Coat.

If it does, will it affect the self healing properties of the film.  Also, since Gloss Coat is a SIC / SIO2 hybrid, will i need to use a SIO2 sealant, such as Reload from time to time? 



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Yes, you can (and should) apply Gloss-Coat over film - it provided chemical resistance to the scratch protection.  Ceramic coatings (SiC or Si02) have no affect on self healing.  You don't "need" to use toppers but if you choose to, use one that has ceramic components because normal waxes/sealants won't bond.  We recommend Hyper Seal (just reformulated) for Gloss-Coat.

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Thanks! will do and order some Hyper seal!

For future reference, to reapply Gloss Coat after a couple of years, do i just do a chemical decon on the film and just reapply? Seeing that polishing the PPF is out of the question.

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