Opti Bond Question.


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I recently bought some Opti Bond and have applied it to two cars. So far I love it. I applied it with a touch up HVLP spray gun at 1:1. 
In my earlier years I loved my tires to look like glazed donuts, shiny. Now in my 50s I want them to look clean, like a new set of tires. So I foam Power Clean at 3:1 and scrub with a tire brush at each wash. 
But I’ve started using Opti Bond. Question… Now that I’ve applied it how do I clean the tires without removing the Opti Bond? Will Power Clean with a tire brush be too aggressive?


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Yes Power Clean (OPC) will remove the Opti-Bond, or at least most of it.  Any kind of washing is going to be aggressive on a dressing.  Your best bet is to use a soft (flagged) brush, and some regular car wash.  That will remove the dirt and not completely remove the Opti-Bond.

Your other option, long term, is to coat the tires with Optimum Tire Protection and Coating, then you can wash them willy nilly with your car wash and everything will slide right off.  It may be a little too shiny for you at first, but it will dull down after a bit.

Of course, back in the day it was the thing to do that you scrubbed and re-dressed your tires at every wash--so you can just do that.

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