What is opti-seal better than hyper seal at?


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Price aside, are there any usages of opti-seal where hyper seal wouldn't be a better choice? I understand it has stronger protection, but what about other things like as a drying aid (talking slickness here), as a glass cleaner/protectant, etc?

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One major difference (though I know it won't apply to many) is that Opti-Seal is used immediately after ceramic coating to protect during the 7 day cure period.  Hyper Seal can't be applied to ceramics for 7 days.  I've never tested Opti-Seal side by side with Hyper Seal, but I find that I use more HS (maybe due to different sprayer) and it tends to streak more often, requiring a quick wipe down.  They seem to work equally well as drying aids and I haven't noticed any difference in performance on a variety of surfaces - metal, glass, plastic, etc.  Durability (particularly on ceramic coatings) is definitely in Hyper Seal's favor.

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