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I bought a few bottles of Opti-Clean for a waterless wash.   I've been struggling with Opti-Clean streaking a bit and wonder what I'm doing wrong.  Paint is in great shape.  I've tried it with the car dry and slightly dirty and also after it rained.  On both occasions it streaked a bit.  Once I dried it completed it looked great.  I'd like to keep using it. 

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in general, less is better with Optimum products.  For Opti-Clean I've found the amount of product is dependent on how dirty (and what kind of dirt) is the paint.  For light dust/pollen, a little product works fine. For heavy dirt or the kind accumulated during winter driving, a heavier application (or multiple passes) of OC may be needed.  Saturation might be necessary for build up/baked on dirt.

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