ONR & the “Soiled” Car

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While I haven’t come in contact with a car so far gone I couldn’t handle it without a hose, yet, I’m still curious. 
im a mobile guy so if I have water hookups it’s a blessing. Yes I know about cordless pressure washers but at the moment it’s out of the budget. 

I’ve tried looking on autopia and the likes for threads on the subject but all the links are dead. Anyone have any advice for a “soiled” car and ONR? or is the sponge and a heavy application good enough 

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Most people use a pump-up sprayer to pre-soak a really dirty car.  I used a cheap Home Depot sprayer,  seems these fancy IK foamers or something are what people use these days.  It never really does anything for me, but I've never tried it with a heavier ONR mixture.  You could also use Opti-Clean.  I have pre-sprayed with another brand of waterless wash, that did seem to do a little more than the regular-dilution ONR.

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yeah figured pump sprayer was my best option but ya never know. iK sprayers are over priced as heck, I have the “iK Foam pro 2” and it’s a complete waste of $35 lol but marketing got me good. 

Husqvarna has a 2 gallon pump sprayer that’s rated for 80PSI ($35 the same as my 48oz iK sprayer lmao). Even comes with 4 different tips so that’ll have to do me. I figure I can mix up 2 gallons of ONR in there and just throw it in the trunk when I’m mobile, 80PSI should be more than enough to knock dirt loose id think. 

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