Opti-Glass Coating Initial coat

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I have been using Griot’s Glass Sealant for a few months and before that Rain-X. The Griot’s glass sealant is great for a clear view while raining but I am wanting some of that hardness protectant AND a clear view.  I already have been using the glass clean and protect on my windshields over the Griot’s so I was already half way there 🙂 

I put it on our Tesla that has tiny chips in the windshield kind of more than a car with 35k miles should but most of those are interstate miles. So understandable. On the first side I let it sit probably a bit too long and had to use a very lightly dampened microfiber with ONR to wipe it off. Then used the dry microfiber to get it the rest of the way. The second side I didn’t let it sit as long and it wiped off fine. Now I have to wait for rain. It was 50 degrees today and only going to get colder. So I chose today since it’s easier to heat up the garage from 50 than 0.  Hoping that the Opti-Glass Coating can protect it from attracting more of the tiny pits. 

For my install I cleaned the windows. Then used my DA Polisher with a window pad and some window polish. After the polish wiped that off and then wiped the window with Optimum Paint Prep and coated the window. Now I have to find some rain. Of course living in Central IL it’ll be snow soon.

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