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Has anyone had success with ONR 128:1 as a clay lube?
I’m wondering with the “new” slicker formula (which I’m guessing was a response to the likes of N914 and the “slickness” talk) if maybe the recipe needs an update? 

i just got my hands on car wax and a ultra clay towel so I’m using the wash/clay/wax/dry method for customers, but sometimes need clay for other reasons. 

I’ll try it myself but figured I’d put the feelers out there. 

I’ll also say, although not recommend I know, I have mistakenly sprayed 128:1 ONR on a panel, then taken my drying towel (twist loop, TRC liquid8r specifically) then dried without “washing”. I use a rather powerful pump sprayer that gives a slightly rinsing action and have my car protected with sealant and wax. But I never see any towel marring from this method. I’ll possibly give it a proper test. I’m guessing the encapsulation tech, mixed with a heavy spray of ONR allows this method to work. Picking up the dirty water and locking it into the towel instantly. 

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28 minutes ago, Redgrandam said:

When compared to N-914 I don’t find N-914 to really be any slicker. I find it soapier. ONR is slick to me more the way gelly or slime is slick. 

I believe the recommended dilution for clay lube with ONR is 64:1. 

I think the “slicker” rhetoric is just online mumbo jumbo and placebo effect. People want the best and greatest and N914 was made hot by clever YouTube placement. Oh and the obsession over “nothing left behind” by polymers, meanwhile every single soap leaves film behind 😂

I’ve seen the rag company use ONR 128:1 for clay lube so was just wondering. It’s a difference of like 37¢ so whatever lol. 

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