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I usually clean my RV roof with a product called "30 Seconds". It is mostly bleach. I normally make sure to keep the sides of the RV rinsed as I go, but this time I got a little too much down one side. It appears I have stripped the gelcoat off of one wall. It just looks very dull. I tried to build up some Turtle Wax on it, but it only looked good for a day or two. My question is if I follow your process of cleaning and then applying your gelcoat restorer, is there a good chance I can get my shine back? It seems I need to build it back up, after stripping it off.


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Gel Coat Restorer is just that, a restorer, not a replacer.  For GCR to work there must be gel coat present to bond to.  If you can wipe a damp cloth over the surface and it looks close to normal, there's still gel coat there. Follow the prep process, using concentrated Power Clean to oxidation and the wax, then apply GCR as recommended.

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