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The New RV & Marine Wash is a super concentrated super strong detergent to clean and remove light gelcoat oxidation and contamination from RVs, boats and other watercrafts. It also works great for cars and other vehicles whenever you want to remove waxes and sealants without affecting Opti-Coat or other ceramic coatings.

The New RV & Marine Polish is a unique and powerful polish that will make quick work of removing oxidation and scratches on gelcoat surfaces such as RVs and Boats and leaves a perfect Finish behind. The rapid leveling will leave the Gelcoat clean and ready for adding protection with Optimum Opti-Seal.

Optimum RV & Marine Polish can be used as a medium to light compound as well as a finishing polish all in one. When used with Optimum DA and Optimum Hyper Wool pad, it will perform as a medium compound. Follow with the Optimum Orange or Black Pad and get a perfect finish with great gloss!

The New Optimum RV & Marine Interior Protectant is a unique product that cleans restores, and protects leather and vinyl surfaces as well as moldings. Optimum RV & Marine Interior Protectant contains a balance of cleaners penetrating oils, and UV inhibitors that restore the original color of these surfaces, protect and hide any scratches and protect against Sun damage.


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