Provide value every time they get behind the wheel.


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Generally, all areas of vehicle service have value,  but when it comes to automotive reconditioning,  what has the most benefit in the eyes of the consumer. 

A clean interior can make a car more comfortable to be in.

A shiny car can make a car seem more pleasant to drive & easier to maintain etc. 

Crystal clear, clean glass can increase visibility while driving.  This aspect  has a functional or beneficial  safety aspect that can change or improve the actual driving experience.

Opti-Seal delivers exactly that.

On glass it produces crystal clear glass like you have never seen, & great water repellency.

Recent feedback has highlighted this.  People ask how I achieved this and how much of a difference it makes in the driving experience in general, at night , and during inclement weather. 

Is unbelievably clean glass & the increased ability to see clearly while driving up there with the most valuable      difference they can actually see & benefit from every time they get behind the wheel. 




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