Recommendations on new car paint protection and trim


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Hi Everyone, I just got a new car and want to protect it's finish and trim as much as I can. I traded in my old truck as it's clear coat had faded and started to flake of on roof and hood. The black trims had gone from black to light grey/white. I'm in south Texas and car is in direct sunlight pretty much all day unless I get lucky and get to park under a tree at work but then that leaves me with bird crap and other tree drippings. Temps in summer easily 100-115F.

Now that that I got this new start what products are recommended to keep interior plastics like dashboard and console rest looking new and protected?  Same as the outside black trims and especially the car's finish and clear coat.

I posted this on a different thread which I saw is wrong one. Just saw this New Members section.

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