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I park outside 10 blocks from the pacific ocean. I wake up every morning with condensation on my new car.  Being realistic, I'll probably be able to wash my car every 2-3 weeks or so. 

I plan to wash my car for the first time with ONR and use hyperseal as a drying agent, plus another hyperseal layer on it dry. I will also use it on the windows, inside and out.

How often should I use hyperseal? every month? every other month? Is there another product, perhaps optiseal, I can use in between hyperseal application?

Is hyperseal good for car's interior? I know optiseal is, but haven't read anything about hyperseal experiences for the interior.

How often should you apply optiseal (or hyperseal) to the interior?

Thanks for any advice!

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum.  You can use Hyper Seal as often as you wish (I use it with every wash), there's no buildup or negatives to frequent use (though it lasts up to 1 year). People do use it on interiors, though I've never tried it there so I have no input into how often or what the benefits are.  Basically you can use Hyper Seal anywhere/anytime you use Opti-Seal. I have used Opti-Seal on old/faded interior vinyl and it's restored the surface, somewhat.











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