Repairing scratches with Opticoat pro +


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Good Morning and I hope this is the right forum to post this. 

I got Opti Coat pro+ applied to my truck 5 years ago this spring. I annually decontaminate the paint with Iron remover and clay bar and use Hyperseal on the coating and never use any car washes that touch the vehicle. The only thing that touches my vehicle for cleaning in the big red sponge and microfiber cloths. 

The truck still looks amazing but as normal wear and tear go i have some light surface scratches on the paint in places i would like to buffout. With the Opticoat Pro+ coating can i still use an off the shelf mothers scratch remover to fix these blemishes or is there another method i need to use? They aren't deep at all and just a light surface scratch .

Any suggestions would be helpful. I dont just want to go buy something and find out it doesn't work 

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Micro marring can occur over time, the kind you see only in bright light.  You can try a light polish (Optimum GPS is the lightest) or Hyper Polish by hand.  Any polish will diminish your coating, so a light polish/hand is your best bet. I'm not sure how abrasive Mothers is.

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