Cessna 182 paint correction and polish

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Here is my plan. 

ONR rinseless wash> clay bar with ONR as lubricant > ONR Hyperpolish (with DA and ? pads) >Optimum Gloss coat> Optiseal.

For maintenance: ONR rinseless wash/wipe> Optiseal. 

Is this a workable solution. Any other recommendations (for interior/touch screen/upholstery)

or increased exterior slick and shine, or for carbon/exhaust and oil stains on  the belly.




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your plan looks fine, might suggest the orange foam pad with the Hyper Polish. ONR is fine for wiping down interiors and Protectant Plus cleans and coats leather/vinyl/plastic. Power Clean will remove carbon and is a degreaser for oil stains.  I would suggest subbing Opti-Coat Hyper Seal for Opti-Seal - it will bond to Gloss Coat better and is much more durable (with greater gloss/slickness in my experience).

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