Trigger lock stuck


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Do not recall reading about a stuck trigger.  I would contact your retailer for support.  If the machine is out of warranty and you are confident about taking apart electrical tools then it could be something as simple as a bit of dirt or it might be more complex like a failed bit of the lock

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OPT was the retailer, but I believe it's out of warranty. I think I bought it 2+ years ago.

I did take it apart to see what I could find. The trigger and lock is a single mechanism and it functions just fine outside of the tool. The issue, I think, is that there is juuuust enough play in the mounting location for the trigger mechanism that the lock button looks misaligned in the housing and rubs against the wall on one side. The contact/friction that  occurs prevents it from popping back out when I squeeze the trigger. I think if I put a shim under the mechanism it will correct the position of the trigger lock once reassembled. I ordered some 1mm shims that should be here this week to test my theory. My only concern is if 1mm is too thick. The amount of play really is minimal so I don't need much.

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I wouldn't think paper or paper stock would be a good test material since it's compressible and might expand back after I remove it to measure.

Either way, the shims from McMaster came super quick and solved the problem for me. The lock button is still not centered in the hole but at least it doesn't rub enough to get stuck.

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