Spray Bottles Have Become Clogged.

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I bought the 32 oz Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer almost a year ago.


I have used the same spray bottles("misters") for the past 11 months without issue.   During this time I have used probably 26 of the 32 ounces in the bottle.

However, on refilling them this last time(using 50 ml Optimum to 150 ml of water), the spray bottle nozzles(3 of them) have become plugged.

 I was in the habit of shaking the concentrate before refilling the spray bottles, so I am uncertain why my sprayers are no longer working.

Any tips on:

1.  Cleaning the spray heads?

2.  Why I have this issue?    Is there a product shelf life?

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try soaking the spray head in hot water/dish detergent (or Power Clean).  Like many thick products, Instant Detailer can congeal over time and needs to be shaken briskly to reconstitute.  Water can be added to help. Some put nuts in the bottle to keep the solution broken up. ID has a long shelf life.

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