Hyper Wool Foam vs Purple Foamed Wool pads

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Optimum Purple Foam Wool Pad is a thick plush pad that works well with Optimum Compound or Optimum Intensive™ Compound to remove 2,000 grit or finer sanding marks in one or two passes. The 1″ thickness allows this pad to work with both rotary polishers and Zentool DA Polisher for quickly removing scratches safely and effectively.

Optimum Hyper™Wool Foam Pad is the first and only hybrid wool pad of its kind that can be used with a DA polisher to remove 1,000 or finer wet sanding marks. Therefore the combination of Zentool DA Polisher and Optimum Hyper™Wool Foam Pad provides results that could only be achieved by rotary polishers and twisted wool pads in the past!

Both pads provide excellent cut and work with D/As or Rotary polishers - Hyper Wool has more cut/correction than the Purple Pad.

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