How long after application of GPS as a glaze before applying Optiseal?


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Just added a bottle of GPS to my Optimum arsenal today.


Can I please have your opinions and directions on what I intend to do please.


Current Situation: Car is a silver Jaguar XF. At the last detailing last Wednesday 30 April, I washed with Optimum Car Wash, dried with OID and applied a layer of Mirka nano wax (left over from before I switched to OCW). Location is Singapore (Average temp is 33 degrees celsius and high humidity).


Intended actions:


1) Wash with Optimum Car Wash

2) Clay bar with Opti Power Clean and a more diluted Optimum Car Wash (foam the car with the car wash then spray Opticlean as I clay bar)

3) Dry with OID

4) Apply GPS by hand (don't have a machine yet)

5) Seal with Opti Seal

6) Apply OCW 24 hrs later


Please can I also know if it's ok to apply Optiseal immediately after GPS or should I give the sealant in GPS some time to cure.


My thanks in advance.









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