Re-Paint - What to do?


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Hi all,


Was involved in a car accident last week - Bonnet and front bumper damaged. They knocked out the dents from the bonnet and did a re-spray last Thursday 15th May. Replaced the bumper and did a re-spray as well. It's been raining everyday since 17th May and there are now some dirt spots left behind on the car body due to the rain drying off in the car. Not sure what I can do or cannot do - ideally, would like to wash the car with Opti Car Wash, dry with Optiseal and coat with OCW. Don't know if I can do this on the bonnet and bumper which have just been re-sprayed. Any comments please?




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Thanks Chris.


Waited a week to apply one coat of Optiseal and 1 coat of OCW. Checked with the painter and they told me the paint was "baked"- (don't know what that means) so I could apply any coating immediately if I wanted to but I took your advice and gave it a week to rest. All's good now.

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