Grand Am Beading Water

Brad K

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I detailed this Grand Am about a month and a half ago. Since it belongs to the lady who works in the office at my apartment complex, I can easily check on it. It was raining today and I figured I'd go see if it was still beading up water. Turns out it was....and since I never took any pics of this car after I detailed it, here are my after pics of what a car looks like a month and a half after I detail it!! It has not been washed since I detailed it.



My process when I detailed it 1 1/2 months ago was:


ONR with microfiber mitt in Black Magic grit guard bucket

APC on tires

Paint and hubcaps sealed with M21

Tires dressed with Meg's High Gloss Endurance







This is probably my favorite pic (you can see the back corner of my '83 Chrysler on the right side of the pic!)



These last 2 I was trying to capture the drips down the side of the car, I thought it looked cool the way the beads of water were all in straight lines near the bottom of the door because the water obviously drips straight down.





You can see it doesn't bead up quite as nicely as a just detailed car, and the tires aren't wet black anymore...but otherwise the car looks quite clean and glossy yet! Hope you enjoyed my first write up with water beading pics!! :confused1[1]:

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I did not dry the car with a leaf blower. In case you were confused, I did not do anything to this car the day I took these pictures. These pictures were solely for the purpose of showing beading pictures and seeing how well the wax was holding up. The day I waxed it (almost 2 months ago now), I did an ONR wash and dried with soft microfiber towel.

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