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Well I figured I'd post an intro before posting any questions or help here...

My name is Shawn, I am 21 years old and live in North Carolina (originally from Southern California). I have been into hot rods, customs and classic trucks (anything from 1917-1960's) and motorcycles since I was very small. I own a 1946 Chrysler Windsor 3 window coupe, 1948 Chevy coupe, 66 Ford F100, 68 Lincoln Continental, 93 Honda Prelude (my daily driver now) and had but sold a 54 Chevy Belair, 76 F150 and 85 Chevy C10. I've probably owned more vehicles than I've had girlfriends. :D

Anyways I have been into auto mechanics, paint and autobody, restorations and doing it as a living for about 5 years (not long I know). In doing paint and auto body I've also had to learn and do detailing on vehicles after they are done. I am not in the process of starting my own mobile auto detailing business and hopefully get a fixed location one day. I am almost finished with my business plan and ordering the rest of my equipment and materials. I have been trying out different brands of materials and found that Optimum has the best compounds, polishes and other products for the mobile detailer. I used to use mostly 3M products for the body shop but 3M compounds and polishes just were not working outdoors and dust too much.

I've come on here to offer my oppinion on each product I have used and hopefully help some others and get some help. I am always open to learning new ways of doing things and trying out new products. Like I mentioned, I am only 21 years old and have lots to learn and always will. It seems that there are a lot of smart people on these boards and I hope to learn from them.

If you have any questions for me then please feel free to ask!

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Thanks Integritydetail. Where in TN do you live? I go there once in a while, mostly to the mountains. The last time I was there I went to Knoxville and Nashville. Nice place and pretty fun, I'm ready to go back.

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