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Shawn F.

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Not sure what you guys think on this but what about a section on Photography and Websites where you can post information on how to take pictures of your work for websites, what angles to shoot them at, important things to take note of when taking photographs, etc. And same goes for websites such as information to help with a professional website such as the main page setup, pricing, etc.

Maybe this isn't a good idea and can just be a write up, I don't know. I have been to many Detailing and Automotive forums with people asking how their business card looks or what pictures they should have to show their work and how to take them or how their website should be setup, etc.

Throw out some ideas, suggestions, oppinions or whatever else you are thinking.


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Sounds good thanks! I figured I'd bring it up because I have been taking pictures lately and needing to figure out what to take and also see some people with their pictures but you cannot even see how well the paint looks and maybe it would help people out. Like I said, even a sticky would be cool.

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