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Hi, I just got a new 09 Acura TSX and decided that I needed to upgrade my car products as well. I used to have an 05 Honda Civic and I used stuff from wallmart like Black Magic and such. In searching I found Optimum and liked how the products took little time, not bad on the environment and weren't too expensive.


I have been waiting a few weeks since I got my shipment because here in Dallas its been pretty cold and some days it gets up to 70. I been waiting and waiting for a day that was warm enough and that I had the time. I actually had to take my car through a car wash, I said I never would but it was just so dirty. But the day finally came that I had a warm day and a little time.


I first used ONR, and then clayed my car, then ONR again. Put a coat of OS, and then OCW.

I was very impressed with so little time that it took. My car looked great, but after I read some more on these forums, and watching the toutorials I relized that I applied the OS wrong.


I sprayed it on and then buffed it in with a MF cloth, instead of the applicator. So I think I wound up just wiping all the OS off. And then applied the OCW immediatly after the OS, without letting the OS dry.


I also tried the OPP on my leather seats and it worked great! I liked how it smelled and didn't make the seats greasy. And the other day I touched up with the OID and was suprised at how it renewed the shine.


Overall, I can definitly say that I am going to be a Optimum product lifer!!! I can't believe that I can get my car looking that good with so little time! When I orderd my shipment it came with a small gift bag and I gave it to my friend, so I'm waiting to see his reactions too. My other friend had just ordered a big Zaino kit and he said that it looked good, but not as good as he thought and that it took a lot of work. I can't wait for another warm day, its around 29 degrees today, so I can correctly apply the OS. I can only imagine how good it will look after I do it right!

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Hiaye, you haven`t gone far wrong because although you didn`t apply OS the usual method, you did use it the way I and a few others do which is to put OCW over OS that hasn`t fully cured.

I find the finish to be slicker and more reflective this way.

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Welcome :marsa37[1]:


Actually you did not apply OS in as wrong manner as that's the way many people apply it, I being one of them. I usually spray onto a panel and then rub in with a towel. I apply my OS rather heavy and just let it sit. It will eventually all evaporate and then I may go over that with something else or I may just appply another OS layer.


Take care,


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