Zaino Z8 vs Spray wax


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I currently use all Zaino products, and was interested in switching over to optimum. is optimum spray wax the same thing or similar to Zaino Z8? both are sealants, but is optimum coming out with something to compete with Zaino Z2?



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I have both the full Zaino line up and the Optimum range.


Z-8 is a superb product, offering a noticeable gloss boost as well as incredible slickness and some protection. I actually think OCW does the same - with a slightly wetter look vs the glassy look of Z-8, but at almost half the price.


Z-8 is a great product and easily my favourite Zaino product, but OCW v2 is a match in my books and is less fussy to use and cheaper as well :kicking[1]:

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