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Guest Driven Auto Detail

As I pointed out in my other thread (Belated Recap of 2008), last year was a year I'm glad to put behind me. For 2009 I have transitioned from being mobile to a fixed location. My new shop is 1.5 miles from my house (25 minute walk, 5-minute bike ride) and it's right downtown Brownsburg on Main St. Everything about this shop is better than the one that fell through last fall, including the rent so I am pretty happy with it. I moved in March 1st and so far things are going ok. The first couple weeks I didn't have a sign so no one knew I was there, but since I've had my sign up, things have gotten busier. I LOVE working in the comforts of the indoors. This shop now allows me to work all year round, no matter the weather. Plus, it has already seemed to given me more credibility when it comes to talking to prospective clients. It seems as though people take me much more seriously when I tell them I have a shop as opposed to when I would tell people I was mobile. All in all, I think it's going to be a great change for my business. Here are some pics of the facility.


The exterior (entrance door is on the right side of the building):












Wash bay through doorway. Closed-door is bathroom.



Wash bay:




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Guest Driven Auto Detail

And finally, the upstairs loft:





And here is one of the first cars to come through. It's a brand new black 2009 Mercedes E350 4MATIC. I'll post more pics of it later on as the ones I took that day didn't turn out real well.




Thanks for looking!

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