Cleaning to Clean with ONR

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This may be a question that will make more sense once I use the product but here goes as I wait for it...


I read in one of the posts on here (and couldn't find again) that you work each panel until it is clean. How do you tell when a panel is clean? Is it feel or visible or how?


TIA and hope this isn't too dumb a question,


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I think this will take you to the post you are looking for.

ONR till clean


Once you have used the product, you will develop a feel for how much washing you need to do before drying a panel.

You will also learn how much wash solution you need in your wash media for each panel. I usually go over a panel with one side of my wash media, flip it over and go back over that same panel before I dry that panel. One drying pass to get most of the wash solution leaving the surface slightly damp. Second pass for the final drying step. I also often use a spray wax during the drying process. I spray it on after the first pass while the panel is slightly damp, then dry as normal. Quick & easy wash & wax job. :)

The more you use it, the more comfortable you will be with it.


It doesn't have to be a complicated procedure as you will soon learn.

I don't use it on a vehicle with caked on dirt/mud/salt like happens in the northern states.

I go to the DIY spray wash or a touchless drive-thru to remove the really nasty stuff.

I then do a complete wash job in the garage.

If the vehicle is just moderately dirty from driving in the rain, I skip the car wash step.

Before people start telling me how the car washes will strip my wax/sealant, I have to say I disagree. They don't even remove all the road film, how can they be stripping the wax/sealant?


As far as amount of solution, I use two gallons of ONR/water. One gallon for washing, one gallon to rinse the dirty mitt after doing a panel.

I use ONR in both the wash and rinse water so I don't dilute the wash solution with plain water from the rinse.

FWIW, I have experimented with using just one gallon of water and no rinse bucket and I really didn't see any difference in the results. The gallon of water was quite dirty when I finished, but that didn't seem to create any marring. The one gallon of solution was enough to wash the vehicle, but I was running out of solution by the time I did the wheels and wheel wells.

I usually end up with more water on the floor doing the wheels and wheel wells than I do for the rest of the exterior. I think a lot of that is because I use brushes on the wheels and wheel wells.

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Thanks CharlesW, that was in fact what I read :)


Charles, your process is very close to mine.


I do not used a rinse bucket as of late. I mix up 3 gallons of solution and do the wheels last. I have ONR mixed up in a sprayer to do a pre-soap...usually about 1/3 of a quart sprayer. I cannot really tell if the pre-soak really works or just peace of mind but I do it anyway.


I also wipe the mitt across the section, then flip the mitt over to wipe again so I am wiping each section at least twice.


When doing wheels/wheel wheels, the ONR is used more as a rinse agent for cleaners since ONR does not readily clean wheels for me.

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I do the same as Charles and Bunky. I also have a bottle of mixed ONR and another with ONR and Instant Detailer. Sometimes I will pre soak with the bottle of ONR as well. Like Bunky said, I dont know how much it helps (if it helps any at all) but it's just a piece of mind I guess you can say. As for the wheels, I hit them last and with degreaser (power clean) and then use brushes on them with the ONR and then rinse with ONR again, dry and then a coat of Opti-Seal.

Do the bumpers and bottom of the car after the rest of it, then the wheels and wheel wells last.

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Well, I did it. Got the stuff before lunch at the house and in about 15 minutes at the end of my lunch break washed my Mini Cooper with the ONR. I have to say I'm happy. Looks good and was very easy. Didn't notice any marring but it would be hard to tell with my car already somewhat imperfect after a hard and neglected winter.

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