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Thanks. not as many people on here as i thought.



Hello and welcome to our humble home.


Yes this is not a large forum in the sense of people but we are large in the sense of practical knowledge in the areas of detailing. Plus it keeps the drama down low :drive1[1]:



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Welcome aboard.

I drop by every day to increase my knowledge it's just that I do not talk much on forums maybe others are also like me. Get me on the phone and I can say more in two minutes than I can by typing.


For instance yesterday I did a detailer coaching session with a guy that drove five hours one way to learn all he could in the time span we had available to us 8am to 3pm. I had already sent him my outline of what we would be covering during the session. We only did the exterior of his car. ONR wash entire car, clayed the trunk lid surface and we only really worked on half of the trunk lid section because it was nasty with swirls and such. This area makes a great before and after for him. He now has the shiniest half truck lid in southern Georgia and mega skills to finish the rest of the car at his facility. I love teaching or coaching others and this is the first time I think that I have ever written about this aspect of my business. I did convert him to the OPT line up and Megs #105 he will be sending me an order shortly plus I will give him 12% off all OPT products. If you live in Georgia you are welcome to stop over and we will help you out.


See I am just not an exciting writer and you can’t hear the laughing nor see the excitement in him learning pads, process and products.

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