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Hi guys,


I see some people are using airbrushes / mini HVLP to apply the coatings. Are they thinned or diluted with water (or better alternative) to get a uniform from the contents of the syringe.


And since its in the same vein, how do you spray Opti Seal as well? Neat or diluted?


Thanks a lot.



Spirit Detailing

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Okay, thats great. Thanks for replying.


I was browsing Youtube for Opticoat content and saw OC being sprayed. Turned out to be Chris doing the spraying and then I saw that he had thinned OCP with Xylene. With further googling I read that somebody sprayed Optiseal and it gave a much deeper, glossier finish. I imagine it would be


I guess I need to do some experimenting myself and see what happens.




ps... yep, after I posted the first question, I realised that using water to thin it would be pretty dim! :)

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