Adding ONR to Optimum Car Wash?


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The inx. for ONR say:


"Add 1 ounce to wash water made with your regular car wash..."


Is it therefore beneficial to add 1oz of ONR to my bucket of Optimum Car Wash? Or is it not necessary and should only be used when using non-Optimum car wash?



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ONR will add lubrication making regular washes safer and if you have hard water, ONR will bond with the minerals to effectively soften it.


Thanks Chris. But should I add it to Optimum Car Wash too (or just other brands of car wash)? Does the Optimum wash already have the added benefits that the ONR would provide (softening water, etc.)?

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i thought it was pointless to add ONR to car wash detergent no matter the brand? as per doctor G's instruction on facebook?


"From the keyboard of David Ghodoussi, when asked to describe ONR VS soap. good information to know and share with your customers.

Soap is a blend of surfactants that are designed to emulsify (dissolve)
oils into water. There is nothing in soap to help with dirt removal.
Foam is a by product of soap and it is caused by entrapment of air in
soap and water. People perceive foam to create lubricity and correlate
it to concentration and cleaning ability of soap. In fact, manufacturers
add foamers to increase foam to capitalize on these misconceptions.

No Rinse is based on reactive polymers that have the ability to bond to surfaces as well as dirt or oily particles. These polymers have much greater lubricity than soap and form a film around the particles as well as paint to protect from marring. The concentration of these polymers is very high which is why only 1 oz. per wash is needed. In fact, when people use 3-4 oz., they complain about the excess lubricity and streaking! If anyone washes half their car with no rinse and the other half with soap, over time, they will see marring on the soap side only!That is why many add no rinse to their soap bucket before washing which
works well. However, because of the nature of these reactive polymers,in concentrated form, they react with soap and foaming agents to form a gel (you can try this by mixing soap concentrate with no rinse). That is why we can not add foaming agents to no rinse!

The Water softening ability of ONR comes from bonding and removing minerals from water which takes place by the polymers in No Rinse in the same way as it bonds to dirt or other surfaces. The polymers remove minerals from water by bonding and trapping them similar to how they remove dirt particles and drop them down to the bottom of solution. There is nothing in soap that has that ability hence dirt or contaminants float in the solution. The reactivity of the polymers come from having both negatively charged and positively charged groups in the polymer which
gives it a zwitterionic character. It can therefore bond with any particle whether they are anionic or cationic in nature.

With the new no rinse wash and wax, we have further increased the
lubricity, gloss, and protection. There is no product out there that can

match the performance of these products."

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I always add a little ONR to my soap bucket (Bilt Hamber).

"That is why many add no rinse to their soap bucket before washing which

works well."


Welcome to the OPT forum


Not tried the Bilt Hamber shampoo but it is a highly regarded product and have used a few of their other products. Does it make a noticeable difference?

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It seems to decrease the amount of suds even further (Bilt Hamber soap has not much of suds in it anyway) and I like it because it makes it even easier to see where you have washed your car and which areas needs more attention. The rinsing part is of course more difficult when you can't see. You can easily notice that you have some ONR in the soap bucket because when washing the result of the water behaviour is nearly the same as when doing a ONR only wash. I've started to use more and more ONR-only washes but Bilt Hamber soap seams to be very effective on anykind of dirt and I haven't had any problems with fallout etc on my car after I started using it. I had "problems" before. It will be interesting to see what my more frequently used ONR washes will change, if anything?

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