Curse me, I made a mistake.

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Ok, so I have had my Optimum spray sealant sample for about a week now, anticipating its first use and evaluation. Its literally sitting in my cup holder with an applicator, so I look at it every day. Yesterday I had one black Escalade, one black Carerra to detail. Do you think I used it? No I forgot I had it!

Ron can attest, Im getting old(er). Cuz he's old, but im even older.......

Do I dare try it on my Expedition? Shoot, that would intail some serious prep work via OC and others. About a days worth of polishing, and when do I have time for my own cars?

Tomorrow I make the 150 mile trek to my brothers for a family Easter gathering. I feel sorry for the 100's of yellow moth/butterflies im going to decimate along the way. Would have been a good survey! But then again, all that work to be trashed in a 2 hr trip! Can I ever get a break?

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Pat you know they say it's the mind that starts to go first.


I just as excited about the release of this product as I was when the polish came out.

It is driving me nuts that I don't have 6 bottles siting on the shelf at the shop waiting to be used.

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Share on other sites what I did every time David sent me a new sample to test......apply it to the washing machine...then it you're satisfied it won't peel the paint or enamel off clean just the hood of your car and apply it!!


My Ranger hood must have 20 coats of 10 different sealant samples on it by now, seriously :thumbsupup[1]:



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